I met Natalia, the founder of Pearls and Pomegranates in September last year and quickly discovered our brand ethoses aligned beautifully. Sustainability is at the heart of both Jo Wood jewellery and Pearls and Pomegranates.  For every purchase Pearls and pomegranates save 20 square meters of rainforest. Buying through Pearls and Pomegranates actively protects the planet so can be a guilt-free purchase!
“Through our partnership with Bioconservancy, we purchase and conserve areas of the rainforest in Colombia. This land is returned to the wild and protected from agriculture, mining, and other exploitative activities. Not only does this protect the biodiversity of the region, it also reduces our, and your, carbon footprint.”
Pearls and Pomegranates on saving the rainforest. 
My debut collection ’Touch the Earth’ is available from Pearls and Pomegranates.
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