This work is a celebration of nature and an expression of my love for her. 
Touch the earth explores human connection to nature and started last summer when I spent time living outside in the North Devon biosphere. I felt my perspective change as I began to walk barefoot over the land. I realised that the physical touch of my naked feet on the earth was in a sense also both an emotional and spiritual connection. This led to the development of the process of Earth casting; literally pouring molten metal on the surface of our planet. As the metal flowed, it captured energy and movement creating unpredictable organic forms. I Wanted the pieces I made to mirror the connection of walking barefoot and to act as amulets or talisman to safeguard us in this scary concrete world.
This is project is a reflection of my final year at university and is multifaceted, Many smaller explorations make it up. 

Solid lava shows a record of the journey it took when molten and partly inspired the development of this experimental process. 
Earth casting
pouring molten metal into the earth, capturing not only its organic textures but a moment in time. 
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